Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Life & Religion

In my room there hangs a silver cross above my door. I glance at it everyday, but then there are some days I look at it for 5 minutes or so. Lately, I’ve been disconnected with religion. It all started when I went to college. I was always away and there was no real church for me to go to there. When I would come home, my family and I would usually go to church on Sunday morning. I never went to church by myself. So eventually my family stopped going as much, and as of right now they don’t go at all. Actually, my parents officially left the church we were at and never joined another one. They said they didn’t feel motivated to go there anymore and they weren’t happy with what the church was preaching. They tried searching for another one, but had no success. On Easter, we went to a new church but it was nothing we liked. And that’s the last time my family and I attended church. Church for me was a place to go and have a better connection and or relationship with God, but when I couldn’t always have that I started reading devotional books. I enjoyed the first devotional book I ever had. I think I read it every night like one is supposed to. Maybe I should have just read the bible. But anyways, I feel religion needs to be back in my life somehow, someway. I’m not saying I’m some crazy, really religious person. All I’m saying is religion is a missing piece of my life’s right not and it needs to be found again. Looking at the cross hanging above my door isn’t enough anymore.

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