Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stop Signs

I’ve been driving for about two years now and believe that I’m a pretty good driver. Ask my friends though, and they’ll have to disagree with that. Hahaha. Bottom line is that I speed and I don’t really stop at stop signs. I do what they call a “rolling stop”. Well, the other day I actually stopped at a stop sign, saying out loud “S-T-O-P”. That’s the way they teach you to stop in driving 101, right? I have to say, stopping for that long felt like one of the longest seconds of my life, but at the same time it was inspiring.

Afterwards, I realized that stop signs really serve a purpose. That purpose being, to make the driver come to a complete stop, making sure that there are no other cars passing by, so that the driver can safely continue driving. Then I started thinking that in life, there needs to be more stop signs. We as people are constantly running around, consumed with everyday life that we fail to see what’s coming at us. If we were to “stop” more often and think about stuff or be more aware of our surroundings, then we would probably be better off. It only takes a coupe seconds to “stop”, whether it be at a stop sign or in life. Maybe you should try it sometime.

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